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Minimum Requirements for Admission

Freshman Applicants

To be considered for admission, freshman applicants must submit an SUS or USF Application for Admission, a non-refundable application fee of $20.00, an official high school transcript, official GED scores if applicable, SAT or ACT scores, and a TOEFL score if applicable.

Although USF has minimum freshman admission requirements, meeting these minimum standards does not guarantee admission. Applicants selected for admission usually exceed the eligibility requirements; however, USF also considers applicants who do not fully meet minimum requirements but who have important attributes, special talents or unique circumstances that may contribute to a representative and diverse student body. These freshman applicants are considered for admission by a faculty committee on the basis of other appropriate evidence of ability to do successful academic work at USF.

For purposes of admission, USF recomputes a high school grade point average (GPA) based on grades earned in all college preparatory academic courses. In recomputing a GPA, USF assigns additional weights to grades earned in honors, Advanced Placement courses and International Baccalaureate courses.

The University normally requires a diploma from a Florida public or a regionally accredited high school or the state-approved General Education Development (GED) diploma. Students admitted under the Early Admission Programs are exempted from this requirement. Students who are participating in an approved home schooling program are expected to provide acceptable copies of annual evaluations for the equivalent of grades 9 through 12. A portfolio or additional documentation may be requested if deemed necessary to complete an appropriate evaluation for admission. Other minimum requirements are outlined below.

  1. Freshman applicants must submit an official test score from the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT).

  2. For freshman applicants earning a high school diploma, the following college preparatory academic units (year-long courses or equivalents) normally offered in grades nine through twelve are required: four units of English (three of the four must incorporate substantial writing requirements); three units of mathematics (algebra I and above); three units of natural sciences (two of the three must incorporate substantial laboratory requirements); three units of social sciences (history, civics, political science, economics, sociology, psychology and geography); two units of the same foreign language; and four additional units of academic electives. Substitution for any high school unit requirement may be provided for applicants who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, dyslexic or who have a specific learning disability. Documentation of the disability and its relationship to the substitution of a unit requirement should be submitted with the application for admission.

  3. Freshman applicants must minimally meet one of the following to be considered for admission in good standing; however, satisfying these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission:

    1. At least a “B” average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale), as computed by USF (an SAT or ACT score must be submitted but no minimum is required);

    2. A combination of high school GPA (as computed by USF) and admission test scores equivalent to a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and an SAT I verbal and quantitative combined score of 1010 or a comparable composite score on the ACT as indicated in the Admissions Scale below:

      2.9 860 970 18 20
      2.8 870 980 18 20
      2.7 880 990 18 21
      2.6 890 1000 19 21
      2.5 900 1010 19 21
      2.4 930 1030 20 22
      2.3 960 1060 21 22
      2.2 990 1090 22 23
      2.1 1020 1110 23 24
      2.0 1050 1140 24 25

      *SAT taken after 3/31/95
      **EACT taken after 10/31/89

    3. A GED diploma with an overall score of at least 300 for all five tests and at least 50 on each of the five tests and an SAT I verbal and quantitative combined score of 1010 or an ACT composite score of 21 (also required for students in approved home schooling programs);

    4. Appropriate alternative evidence of academic achievement, ability, motivation and responsibility that indicates potential for successful academic work at USF.

  4. A first-time-in-college applicant whose native language is not English must present a minimum score of 213 (computer-based test) or 550 (paper-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The TOEFL requirement may be waived on an individual basis when appropriate alternative evidence of English language proficiency is presented in writing. If otherwise qualified, applicants who present TOEFL scores between 173 and 213 (computer-based test) or 500 and 547 (paper-based test) may be considered for admission with the condition that they must take a specified sequence of English courses. International students (non-resident aliens) must also comply with all requirements for admission of international applicants (next page).

  5. First-time-in-college applicants seeking admission at the freshman level to a limited access degree program in Engineering must meet additional requirements specified by the program.

  6. If a student has not earned the following scores on the SATI or the EACT, then college preparatory work will be required during the first term of enrollment at USF:

    SATI - 440 verbal, 440 mathematics
    ACT - English 17, Reading 18, Mathematics 19.

Early Admission Applicants (Freshmen)

USF provides an early admission program to meet the needs of highly capable, mature high school students. Under the early admission program these students may enter the university as regularly enrolled, degree-seeking students prior to graduation from high school. Participation in the early admission program shall be limited to students who have completed a minimum of six semesters of full-time secondary enrollment, including studies undertaken in the ninth grade. In addition, early admission applicants should be enrolled in a strong college-preparatory curriculum while in high school. Applications for early admission will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions in conjunction with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Students enrolled in an early admission program must take courses that are creditable toward the high school diploma and the associate or baccalaureate degree.

Students wishing to be accepted as Early Admissions students at USF must:

  1. Have completed the equivalent of the junior year, of high school, thus requiring only one additional year to complete requirements for the high school diploma;

  2. Submit a completed SUS or USF Application for Admission and $20 non-refundable application fee;

  3. Have proof of a 1200 on the SAT I with no less than 440 on SAT I V (Verbal) and 440 on SAT I Q (Quantitative); or a 27 on the EACT with no less than or a score of 17 on ACT English and EACT Reading and a score of 19 on ACT Mathematics and a 3.5 high school grade point average (computed by USF) and a TOEFL score, if applicable;

  4. Meet regular USF admission criteria for degree-seeking undergraduate students;

  5. Submit a personal letter outlining reasons for seeking early admission;

  6. Submit a signed statement of approval from high school principal or guidance counselor;

  7. Submit completed Supplemental Information for Early Admission Form;

  8. Submit a list of credits needed to graduate from high school;

  9. Meet with USF Honors Program Director or Academic Advisor;

  10. Home schooled students must submit an official copy of their Letter of Intent with the student’s home school district;

  11. Private school students must submit proof that their school is a SACS accredited school.

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