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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 56 - 57

Academic Major

USF offers curricula leading to the baccalaureate degree in the following fields. The degree is indicated in parentheses after each major code. For clarification, the following terms are defined:

Specialization: Those courses required to give the student academic concentration and baccalaureate identification such as Mathematics, Accounting, Psychology, etc.

Supporting or Related: These courses may be prerequisites to the specialization courses, or they may support specialized courses by giving preparation or breadth to the area of specialization. These courses are often referred to as college or program core courses.

Program Electives: These are usually a broad band of courses offered by the college offering the major to further enrich the student in the general academic field of the major.

College of Arts and Sciences:

College of Business Administration (B.A./B.S. option):

College of Education (B.A./B.S. option):

College of Engineering:

College of Nursing (B.S.):

Undergraduate Studies

College of Visual and Performing Arts:

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