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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is a community of scholars dedicated to the idea that educated people are the basis of a just and free society. The essences of education are a capacity for and an appreciation of social change within a context of prior human achievement. The faculty of the Arts and Sciences strive to instill in their students a history of human ideas, a sense of love for learning, and an under-standing of the means that scholars have used in their search for beauty and order in the natural world.

The education provided by the disciplines of the Arts and Sciences is the foundation upon which the lives and professions of our students are built, and the basis from which personal growth occurs. The College of Arts and Sciences takes as its goal a melding of the natural, humanistic and social philosophies into a comprehensive whole that encourages the development of new ideas and new approaches to the understanding of our universe.

Great universities provide direction for their communities and service for their needs. The faculty of the Arts and Sciences as well as the staff, who support and encourage their work, explore their scholarly interests within the home and community created by the academic society. It is the responsibility of scholars to share their discoveries for the betterment of society. Thus, the Arts and Sciences embrace disciplines that strive to make immediate use of knowledge in the service of social goals as well as disciplines whose discoveries contribute to the fund of basic information that is the stepping stone of applied knowledge.

General Information

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office is located in Cooper Hall (CPR), Room 107. For additional information about the College, visit our web site at http://www.cas.usf.edu. Information regarding advising, admission to the College, graduation requirements, special programs, and departments follows.

Community Initiative

Universities have become major actors in today’s knowledge-based society. As such they can no longer remain secluded ivory towers, removed from the social problems that surround them. Recognizing this, the College of Arts and Sciences launched the Community Initiative, a new focus that identifies the community outside the university as an integral part of its educational mission to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge. The Community Initiative develops concrete and integrated efforts to link the teaching, research, and service components of our College with the interests and needs of residential, community-based organizations and businesses in the local area. Two major components of the Community Initiative are the Urban Studies Certificate Program and the Community Experiential Learning (CEL) Program. The Urban Studies Certificate gives students the opportunity to supplement their education and training with a focus on the urban world around them. Through the Community Experiential Learning (CEL) Program students can explore the relationship between their classroom learning and the broader community as they do community-based independent research or internships.

Undergraduate Advising Information

The Arts and Sciences Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, located in the Behavioral Science Building (BEH), Room 201, handles all student-related academic matters. Students contemplating a major in Arts and Sciences or who have specific questions about a department/major should make an appointment with an advisor in their area of interest. For a list of advisors, consult “Advising Inquiries” on the College of Arts and Sciences web page http://www.cas.usf.edu.

Advising Offices

Tampa Campus: College of Arts and Sciences Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, Behavioral Science Building (BEH), Room 201, (813) 974-6957.
Lakeland Campus: Student Services Office, (863) 667-7000, or (800) USF-5636 (in-state only).
Sarasota Campus: Palmer “C” Building (PMC), Room 101, (941) 359-4331/4330.
St. Petersburg Campus: Davis Hall, Room 134, (727) 553-1511/1507.
North Pinellas Initiative: USF classes at SPJC Clearwater (for Interdisciplinary Social Science majors), (727) 553-1511.
Pasco-Hernando Initiative, USF classes at PHCC (for Interdisciplinary Social Science majors): (727) 553-1511.

Office Hours

The Arts and Sciences Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Academic advisors and major departments should be contacted directly to obtain information about office hours and appointment availability. Students are also encouraged to utilize the College’s on-line advising information located at http://www.cas.usf.edu.

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