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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 19-20

Student Disability Services

Location/phone: SVC 1133, Voice: (813) 974-4309; TDD: (813) 974-5651
Web address: http://www.sa.usf.edu/sds/


The University recognizes and values students with disabilities. The faculty and administration strive to ensure that students with disabilities participate in all aspects of university life. Academic accommodations are arranged through the Office of Student Disability Services. Student Disability Services (SDS) makes the final determination as to the type of need and the type of assistance that can be rendered for students with disabilities. Each student is responsible for self- identifying and applying for accommodations and services at this office. The process of applying for services is described in detail in the SDS website www.sds.usf.edu. Information Sessions are provided for students, parents, and other concerned persons. The dates and times of these Information Sessions are on the SDS website.

There are two essential elements to receiving reasonable accommodations and services. First, the student must identify herself/himself as a person with a disability and, second, the student must apply for services with the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS). The student identifies herself/himself and applies for accommodations by providing to SDS documentation both of the disability and the significant impact of that disability on academic performance. SDS staff and other experts will review the documentation, a process that typically takes ten working days. To summarize, a student interested in having accommodations for a disability should:

  1. Visit our website http://www.sds.usf.edu
  2. Present documentation of her/his disability to our office as soon as possible
  3. Attend an Information Session

If the documentation provides the necessary information and demonstrates the need for reasonable accommodations, the student will be invited to an intake meeting with a coordinator. The purpose of the meeting is for the coordinator to fashion reasonable accommodations with the student. At this meeting the student will be given information about the process for having a memorandum of accommodation for each professor for that semester. It is the studentís responsibility to present the memorandum of accommodation to each professor.

At the start of each semester, the student is responsible for providing feedback about the effectiveness of the accommodations to date and registering for accommodations for the new semester. Each semester the student is responsible for giving each of her/his professors a memorandum of accommodation for that semester.

Examination accommodations, the most frequently needed accommodations, are the responsibility of the professor. However, this office provides accommodated examinations if a professor is unable to do so. The directions for this process are on the SDS website.

A certified American Sign Language interpreter is on the SDS staff. Interpreting services are available for classroom and class-related activities for students with hearing impairments. The process for accessing these services is described on the SDS website.

Federal laws require that persons with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations in order to fully participate in all aspects of society. Specifically, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) addresses this issue and provides relief for persons who do not receive reasonable accommodations.

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