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Student Organizations within the College of Business

All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. The following organizations provide a means for students to develop both professionally and socially while attending the College of Business Administration.

Alpha Kappa Psi - Provides a forum for leadership development in preparation for careers in all areas of business, Alpha Kappa Psi is a progressive, coed, professional business fraternity.

Association of Marketing Students As a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, this organization will help to further the growth of business oriented individuals within the field of marketing.

Beta Alpha Psi - The national professional accounting fraternity devoted to the promotion of the profession, inspiring professional ideals, and recognizing academic achievement.

Beta Gamma Sigma An honor society that encourages and rewards outstanding scholarship among business students.

Business College Council - Student representatives advise the dean and the faculty on student attitudes and goals. Also, the Council acts as a liaison between the Student Government Association and the College of Business Administration.

Collegiate Economics Organization - To promote and develop the applications of economic concepts within the student body and provide a social basis for interaction.

Delta Sigma Pi - Fosters the study of business and a close association between students and the business world.

International Business Board - Promotes interest in international business, provides professional and cultural programs, and encourages dialogue regarding opportunities for study and work abroad.

Management Information Systems Society - The MIS Society is a career oriented organization focusing on all areas of business data management and information systems development.

Minority Business Association - Encourages and supports students in their efforts to achieve success in a demanding academic setting.

National Association of Black Accountants - Develops, encourages, and serves as a resource for greater participation by African-Americans and other minorities in the accounting and finance professions.

Omicron Delta Epsilon - The international economics society promoting outstanding achievements in economics and the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty.

Student Accounting and Business Organization - Promotes professionalism in accounting and other business disciplines. (St. Petersburg Campus)

Student Finance Association - An organization for finance majors and other business-oriented students that provides exposure to the many facets and opportunities in the field of finance.

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