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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Page 61

College Reach-Out Program

Location/Phone: HMS 497 or 499, (813) 974-3713

College Reach-Out is an academic program designed for low-income and educationally disadvantaged junior and senior high school students who have the academic potential for success in a postsecondary institution and plan to pursue an education beyond high school. The focus of the program is to prepare students to meet higher education requirements established for admission to colleges and universities by providing tutoring and counseling services. Students will be exposed to a variety of personal, social, academic, educational, and career opportunities through participation in a summer enrichment program. Admission requirements are listed below:

  1. Family income must meet federal and state guidelines.
  2. Students must have completed the 8th grade.
  3. Students must have a 2.0 grade average in English, mathematics, history, and science.
  4. Students must attend schools in Hillsborough County.

Applications should be forwarded to the College Reach-Out Program, HMS 497 or 499, USF.

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