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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 65 - 66

Information Technologies/CFRDC

Phone: (813) 974-9000
Web Address: http://usfweb.usf.edu/usfit/

USF is the host institution for a large-scale computing facility designated as the Central Florida Regional Data Center (CFRDC). This facility operates as a computing unity within the State Board of Education and provides the primary administrative computing support to the University of South Florida and numerous other agencies. CFRDC is a division within Information Technologies (IT) and its support staff consists of Computer Operations and Technical Support/Database Administration. Computing accounts are established through the IT Financial Management group.

Central site computing equipment located in the Student Services Building on the Tampa campus includes an IBM 9672 Model R32 Enterprise Server supporting tape and disk storage subsystems, laser and impact printers in the OS/390 operating system environment. CFRDC utilizes a number of SUN/Solaris/Oracle machines in support of USF, FGCU, NCF and UWFs, Student, Financial, HR, and Payroll applications. Numerous NT servers support e-mail, web services and calendaring as well as file and print services. IT is heavily involved in the management and operation of the campus-wide backbone network and the I-2 initiative, providing access to research facilities on campus and the world. IT also provides and supports the telephone and voice mail systems at all USF campuses, as well as other entities.

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