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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 21 - 22

The Career Center

Location/phone: SVC 2088, (813) 974-2171, 8-5, Mon-Fri.
Web address: http://www.career.usf.edu

The Career Center provides USF students with comprehensive career planning and job search services. A staff of experienced Career Center professionals is available to help students choose a career; gain career-related work experience and prepare for an effective job search. The Career center also provides information on employment opportunities and creates venues where students can network and interview with local, state and national employers.

The Career Centerís numerous services are clustered into the areas of career planning, career-related work experience, job search preparation, and connecting with employers.

Career Planning

Individual Career Advising Appointments may be made with a career specialist to help students make an informed decision about a potential career and academic major.

Career Assessment Surveys are available to help students identify their interests, skills and work values. Both pen and paper and web-based assessments are available.

Career Decision-making Workshops teach students about the career development process and the steps to be taken in order to choose a career and academic major.

Career Reference Library contains information on career fields, including job descriptions, working conditions, educational requirements, salary information and projected employment outlook.

Graduate & Professional School Fair provides an opportunity for students thinking about continuing their education to talk to Admissions representatives from graduate and professional schools.

Career-related Work Experience

Part-time Jobs, both on and off campus, including Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) jobs are posted on the Career Center web site.

Cooperative Education (ďCo-opĒ) is a structured, academic program of paid, practical work experience related to a studentís major. See the Career Center web site for eligibility criteria and program details.

Internships from on and off-campus employers are advertised on the Career Center web site. Internships for academic credit are coordinated through the studentís sponsoring academic department.

Job Search Preparation

Individual Career Advising Appointments may be scheduled for assistance with resume/cover letter preparation; interview techniques; and various other job search strategies.

Walk-in Advising is available to answer questions about careers, job search or Career Center services. These fifteen-minute sessions are available Monday-Thursday (8:30-4:30) during fall and spring semesters.

Job Search Workshops are available on topics such as resume writing, interview techniques and other job search strategies, and include one on how to participate in the on-campus interview program.

Job Search Reference Library contains resources on resume writing, interviewing and job search strategies, as well as employer directories and salary information.

Job Search Computer Lab, located in the Career Center reference library, is equipped with computers with Internet access for conducting a cyberspace job search, scheduling on-campus interviews and researching employers.

Connecting with Employers

On-Campus Interviews for Internships and Full-time Positions are conducted in the Career Center by local, state and national recruiters from numerous types of organizations to fill their internship and full-time professional positions. All majors are eligible to participate.

Resume Referral is available to students who have uploaded a resume in the Career Centerís electronic resume database. The Career Center will forward resumes of students matching the employerís hiring criteria, upon the employerís request.

Virtual Video Interview (VVI) allows students to visually market their skills, experiences and qualifications to a potential employer by making a web-based video, accessible to employers via the web from anywhere in the world. The VVI, linked to the studentís uploaded resume, is the latest technology for screening interviews.

Career Networking Fairs, held each semester, bring students and employers together to network and discuss employment opportunities.

Job Listings are posted on the Career Centerís web site daily and include part-time jobs, internships, Cooperative Education and full-time professional vacancies.

Credential Service is available to graduate students seeking employment in higher education and/or research institutions. Up to five reference letters and a transcript may be stored in the Career Center and mailed to prospective employers upon request.

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