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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 41 - 42

Courses to Satisfy Rule 6A-10.030 ("Gordon Rule")

Prior to receiving an Associate of Arts degree from a public community college or university or a Bachelor’s degree from a public university, a student shall complete successfully the following in the areas of communication and computation:

  1. Communication: Twelve semester hours of English courses in which a student is required to demonstrate writing skills. For the purpose of this rule, an English course is defined as any semester-length course within the general study area of the humanities in which the student is required to produce written work of at least 6000 words.

  2. Computation: Six semester hours of mathematics coursework at the level of college algebra or above. For the purpose of this rule, applied logic, statistics and other such computation coursework, which may not be placed within a mathematics department, may be used to fulfill 3 hours of the 6 hours required by this section. In order to receive credit for fulfillment of 6A-10.030, students must receive a grade of “C-” or higher in each course (no “S” grades).

In order to follow the specifics of 6A-10.030, USF has designated the following courses in which the student may demonstrate the writing and mathematical skills as set forth in this rule.

Communication (12 semester hours)

All the above courses will require 6,000 written words per course. IDH courses will fulfill the writing requirement for all University Honor students only.

Computation (6 semester hours)

Any courses offered by the Mathematics Department may be used. Only one course from the following list (some of which are not in the Mathematics Department) may be used.

Course Number and Title       Semester Hours

Note that CGS 2060 will not satisfy the USF General Education Quantitative Methods requirement.

CLEP general/subject examinations in mathematics, calculus, college algebra, college algebra-trigonometry, and trigonometry may satisfy this requirement.

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