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Residence Services

Location/phone: RAR 229, (813) 974-4310.
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Residence Hall program is an integral part of the total educational experience offered to USF students and is staffed by caring, informed professionals, graduate students, and resident assistants. The Office of Residence Services strives to provide students with intellectual and social experiences in a conveniently-located residence hall community and to promote a safe, secure, and healthy living-learning environment where individual differences are appreciated and respected.

Whether considering the convenient location, the availability of resources and amenities, or the student-oriented personnel associated with the residence hall program at USF, campus living has a lot to offer. Every enrolled degree-seeking student is eligible to live on-campus. Housing information, including a student housing contract, is sent to all accepted students. Students are encouraged to submit their student housing contract immediately upon receipt to insure that housing preferences may be accommodated. Florida Prepaid College Program participants with a Prepaid Dormitory Contract should note the Prepaid Dormitory Contract number in the space allotted on the Student Housing Contract.

On-Campus Housing Facilities

Student housing facilities on the Tampa campus are clustered in five centers of community activity - the Argos, Andros, Maple, Holly, and Magnolia Complexes. Each area provides a core of services for its residents including a central service desk, mail delivery, laundry facilities, snack facilities, and swimming pool. Although the complexes provide the same basic services, they represent distinctly different options in campus living.

In the Argos Complex, Beta and Castor Hall offer traditional student residential living. Beta is co-ed while Castor is an all-female hall. The traditional living arrangement in these halls provides room accommodations designed for both sleeping and studying. In each of these halls, students share common bath facilities that are cleaned on a regular basis by the hall’s housekeeping staff. It also offers laundry facilities, kitchens, community rooms, and snack machines. Also added to the Argos Area in Fall 2003 will be the Maple Suites. Maple will be a coed hall offering double occupancy suites.

Kosove Apartments house 3-5 students per apartment in single or double occupancy rooms. Upperclass students are eligible to live in Kosove Apartments.

The Maple Complex houses 830 students in double occupancy suite style halls as well as single occupancy apartments. In the suite style halls, 4 students share a bathroom between 2 rooms. In the Maple Apartments, 4 students have single bedrooms and share a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms.

The Andros Complex consists of nine smaller halls with suite arrangements. Delta, Eta, Epsilon, Kappa and Zeta Halls are co-ed and double occupancy. Delta is the designated hall for the Residential Learning Community. Epsilon Hall houses honors students and International/Exchange program students. Eta Hall is all female and double occupancy. Eta Hall houses a residential program for women with interests in Math, Science, and Engineering. Theta, Lambda, Mu and Iota Halls are co-ed and single occupancy. Theta is designated as the Leadership House, a program for students interested in leadership development. Each suite in Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta accommodates two students per room, four students per study area, and eight students per bathroom, which includes two sinks, two showers, and toilets. Each suite in Kappa accommodates two students per room, four students per study area, and eight students per bathroom, which includes two sinks, one shower, and two toilets. Each suite in Theta, Iota, Lambda, and Mu accommodates one student per room, two students per study area, and four students per bathroom, which includes two sinks, one shower, and two toilets. Each Andros Complex living unit (30-41 students) shares a kitchen/lounge.

Holly Apartments houses 728 students in an apartment setting. Each apartment houses 4 students and includes 4 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and a living room. A few 2 student/2 bedroom apartments are also available. Each apartment has a private entry and is fully carpeted. Furnishings include single beds, dressers, and desks in each bedroom and a 3-seat sofa and 2 chairs in the living room. Appliances in the kitchen are full-size. The Holly complex also includes 2 laundry areas, a mailroom, a desk area, a multipurpose/study room, and a computer lab.

Magnolia Apartments houses students in 3 or 4 bedroom apartments. Each bedroom is equipped with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and closet. The shared living/dining room and kitchen contains a couch, one chair and two barstools. Students who are married or have dependent children living with them are eligible for the family units, which have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living/dining room and kitchen. Services include convenient parking, a playground, cable TV, computer connections, computer labs, telephone service, mail and a laundry facility. A Community Manager and Community Assistants will work with residents to respond to concerns, plan get-togethers and programs and assist otherwise as needed.

All student housing is air-conditioned. All rooms are carpeted, and all rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and closet for each resident. All rooms provide basic telephone service, voice mail and cable TV with a movie channel and ethernet access. Food service facilities are conveniently located in the Argos and Andros Complexes. Nearby swimming pools as well as basketball, tennis and racquetball courts await students seeking leisure-time recreation. In addition, students have access to Residence Services Computer Labs and the opportunity to become involved in planning activities for their hall by joining Residence Hall organizations such as RHA.

Off-Campus Housing

Location/phone: RAR 234, (813) 974-7613
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Off Campus Housing Office maintains lists of university-area apartments, homes, condos, and other rental properties available to the public. In addition, the agency accepts roommate and rental property listings from private individuals who do not discriminate because of race, color, or national origin. The office is open throughout the year. You may also search the on-line apartment listings at www.reserv.usf.edu/offcampushousing.

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