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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 102 - 103

Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (INS)

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The Interdisciplinary Natural Science degree serves the academic and career goals of undergraduate students who seek a broad education in the Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geology).

For information on teacher certification in science or mathematics, prospective teachers should consult the section entitled Teacher Education Programs and also consult the College of Education section of the catalog.

Recommended Prerequisites (State Mandated Common Prerequisites)
Students wishing to transfer to USF should complete the A.A. degree at the community college. Some courses required for the major may also meet General Education Requirements thereby transferring maximum hours to the university. If students transfer with fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the students must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

There are no State Mandated Common Prerequisites for this degree program.

Students are encouraged to complete as many of the following courses as possible, during the program of study at the community college, and when feasible in General Education/Gordon Rule courses. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of “C” is the minimum acceptable grade.

Requirements for the Major in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences

Coursework required for Interdisciplinary Natural Science majors:

Two introductory courses in each of 5 natural sciences areas (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology) totaling 40 hours:

At least 8 hours of structured, upper division (3000 level or higher) courses in three of the five natural sciences areas, totaling 24 hours. All Tier 2 courses in the sciences will be selected by the individual student, but must be chosen from the list of courses approved for department Major credit.

At least 12 of the 24 hours at Tier 2 must be taken at USF.

Requirements for the Major in Biomedical Sciences (B.S.)

Biomedical Sciences is designed to fulfill the major requirements for professional schools in the Health Sciences (e.g. Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry). Students contemplating graduate study should pursue a major in the discipline of their interest, such as Biology, Chemistry, or Microbiology. Students must attain a C- or higher in all required courses for the Major.

Required Natural Science Courses:





*Students may substitute Human Anatomy or Physiology I and II (BSC 2093 & 2094) for Physics I & II

Required Biology Electives:
Minimum of 6 credit hours in TWO of the following courses. One course must be with lab. Select from the following courses, noting prerequisites where applicable:

Required Natural Science Electives:
Minimum of 7 credit hours in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Select from the following list, noting prerequisites where applicable, and not duplicating courses used to meet the above requirements:

At least 12 hours of upper division required science courses must be completed as USF.

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