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General Business (GBA)

The General Business major provides students with substantial preparation in two functional areas of business and prepares them for positions in a business world that is increasingly interdisciplinary and values cross-functional abilities.

Requirements for the B.A./B.S. Degree: Within the 120-semester-hours program as listed in the General Requirement section, students must complete two minors from the following business disciplines: accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, or marketing. A minimum of 24 hours of upper-level course work must be earned with a GPA of at least 2.0 in each minor. The requirements for each minor are listed with the description of the major.* Minors applied to the General Business major will be referred to as concentrations. Concentrations used as part of the General Business Major will not also be subsequently listed as independent minors on the transcript.

*One exception: A minor/concentration in economics must consist of four upper level economics courses, excluding QMB 3200.

Requirements for a Minor in Business Administration (Non-Business Majors Only): Students are required to process an application for the minor in the College of Business. Students must complete an introductory computer course (with a content similar to CGS 2100 Computers in Business) or obtain a waiver for this requirement from the College of Business Administration by demonstrating competence in the use of computers.

  1. The course requirements are as follows:
    ACG 3074 Managerial Accounting for Non-Business Majors* 3
    ECO 1000 Basic Economics** 3
    FIN 3403 Principles of Finance 3
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management 3
    MAN 4XXX Managerial Applications (see advisor) 3
    MKT 3023 Basic Marketing   3
    Total 18

  2. A grade point average of 2.0 or better must be achieved in the minor course work at USF and in all minor courses completed at other institutions.

  3. At least 12 hours of the required 18 credit hours must be taken in residence at USF.

*ACG 2021 & ACG 2071 can be substituted for ACG 3074.
**ECO 2013 & ECO 2023 can be substituted for ECO 1000.

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