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Nursing Program (For Registered Nurses)

The registered nurse sequence is designed so that registered nurses can enroll in the nursing major on a full-time or on a part-time. Registered nurses who enroll as full-time students may complete requirements for the bachelorís degree in three semesters. If they enroll as part-time students, the degree requirements can be completed in six semesters.

Registered nurse students are admitted to the College each semester and may apply according to University admission deadlines. Registered nurse students desiring to transfer from other nursing programs are eligible for admission to the College on a space available basis. To be considered for transfer into the nursing major, applicants must meet University eligibility requirements. Registered nurse students are admitted to the College contingent upon completion of transcript evaluation and completion of admission requirements.

For more specific information contact the College of Nursing, Office of Student Affairs for overall requirements (974-9305) or visit the College of Nursing web site at http://www.hsc.usf.edu/nursing.

Nursing Courses - Registered Nurse Sequence
Registered nurse students are required to take the following courses:

In addition to the requirements listed, the RN student must also meet all university graduation requirements as listed in the catalog.

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