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Special Education with ESOL Endorsment

The College of Education offers a full ESOL Endorsement for all Special Education major graduates. The special requirements for ESOL endorsement through infusion are as follows: Successful completion of (1) FLE 4317 and FLE 4316 with a minimum grade of 70% or better on part one and part two of the ESOL Comprehensive Exam administered in the two ESOL courses; (2) a 20-hour early ESOL field experience in FLE 4317; (3) a late ESOL field experience where students plan, implement, and evaluate lessons for one or more ESOL students over a series weeks; and (4) an ESOL binder, containing all ESOL-related assignments taken in the College of Education and an ESOL-performance Standards Checklist that documents the completion of the necessary number of standards.

Prerequisites (State Mandated Common Prerequisites): These prerequisites must be met by transfer students as well as USF students. A grade of C- is the minimum acceptable grade.

*Only courses with the prefixes MGF, MTG, MAC, and STA will qualify for the courses in mathematics. MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Mathematics I meets the intent of the program approval rule with respect to the inclusion of geometry in the mathematics requirement.

Professional Education Core (31 credit hours):
The required courses in the professional education core are as follows:

Area of Specialization

Varying Exceptionalities (BPX)
Students seeking the B. S. degree with certification in Varying Exceptionalities are required to take the following courses:

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