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Marketing (MKT)

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Marketing is a dynamic field with many dimensions, including product selection and planning, product distribution, pricing and promotion. Marketing poses many challenges and yields generous rewards for those who meet these challenges. Marketing operations are carried out domestically and internationally in virtually all business organizations that offer a product or service. Many marketing concepts are applicable to the operations of non-profit organizations such as governmental, educational, and health care institutions, as well as charitable and political campaigns.

Marketing operations provide the most visible links between the firm or institution and its many publics. Marketing deals with people who are constantly changing in their needs, wants, and desires; and coupled with these changing tastes is a fiercely competitive environment sustained by all the resources of a rapidly evolving technology. These forces lead to much of the challenge and to much of the dynamic nature of marketing.

The Marketing program at USF prepares students for initial entry and management positions in many areas of marketing with a curriculum that is concerned with:

  1. Understanding how to attract and retain customers;
  2. Having the ability to find and analyze information;
  3. Being able to design, collect, and analyze marketing information to be used in managerial decision making;
  4. Using electronic and traditional media to create satisfied loyal customers;
  5. Having personal communication skills that businesses demand;
  6. Being capable of writing a winning marketing plan;
  7. Understanding and being able to apply the latest marketing concepts, including marketing automation.

Requirements for the B.A./B.S. Degree: Within the 120-semester-hour program listed in the General Requirements section, students must complete a minimum of 18 hours in marketing beyond MAR 3023. At least 12 hours must be taken in residence at USF.

Required Marketing Courses:
  MAR 3823 Marketing Management 3
  MAR 3613 Marketing Research 3
  MAR 3400 Professional Selling 3
  MAR 4333 Electronic/Promotion Management 3
  MAR 4824 Marketing Management Problems 3
Additional upper-level marketing courses   3-9
Total 18-24

It is strongly recommended that marketing majors take an internship course as part of their plan of study. It is also recommended that courses in information technology, finance, management, and international business be included in the business electives.

Undergraduate students in the College of Business not majoring in Marketing can greatly enhance their attractiveness to employers by taking a minor in Marketing or taking selected courses from the Marketing curriculum to broaden their backgrounds. Marketing is particularly complementary for College of Business students majoring in Information Systems, Finance, and Management. For non-business majors, Marketing is very complementary with degrees such as communications, liberal arts, and engineering.

Requirements for a Minor in Marketing (for Business Majors Only): The requirements are:
1. MAR 3823 Marketing Management 3
  Any 3 upper level Marketing courses with a MAR prefix (excluding MAR 4824)   9
  Total Marketing Hours 12
2. A grade point average of 2.0 or better must be achieved in the minor course work at USF and in all minor courses completed at other institutions.
3. At least 9 hours of the required 12 credit hours must be taken in residence at USF.

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