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Office of Research

Location/Phone: ADM 200, (813) 974-5570
Web Address: http://www.research.usf.edu/

Creative research and scholarly activities are essential aspects of the undergraduate educational experience at USF. The promotion and administration of such are the responsibilities of the Office of Research and its divisions, which provide services that enable USF faculty, staff, and students at all academic levels to be competitive in a dynamic research environment. The Office of Research oversees the administration of research contracts and grants, patents and copyrights, federal and state research compliance regulations, USF’s own internal award programs, economic development initiatives, public-private partnerships, research park development, technology transfer, and research activities at affiliated hospitals and institutes.

The office of Research supports undergraduate research through the Honors College (contact Dr. Stuart Silverman, email: silverman@honors.usf.edu) and the Undergraduate Research Program (contact Dr. Georg Kleine, kleine@chuma1.cas.usf.edu). In addition, specialized research projects are supported by grants that offer financial support for students. An excellent undergraduate research experience is available through the College of Engineering’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (http://www.eng.usf.edu/%7Eschlaf/REU/; contact Dr. Rudy Schlaf, email: schlaf@eng.usf.edu). This program offers research assistantships supported jointly by the Office of Research and the College of Engineering, as well as select fellowships funded by the National Science Foundation. The Office of Research also supports the arts and, last year, to honor the anniversary of the discovery of DNA, sponsored an art competition for painting, computer imaging, and sculpting.

From developing a grant proposal or filing a patent, the Office of Research staff are trained professionals committed to meeting the needs of USF researchers. In turn, the dedication of USF students and faculty has contributed to the phenomenal growth in research that USF has experienced. In 2002/03, USF received more than $250 million in research funding—a 23% increase over 2001/02. USF got nearly half of its research funding from the federal government. The Health Sciences Center, which includes the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, attracts the most funding with $120 million, followed by the College of Education, the College of Engineering, and the College of Marine Science with $25 million each, the Florida Mental Health Institute with $24 million, and the College of Arts & Sciences with $17 million, all of which have contributed to our tremendous growth as a research university.

In addition to the programs noted above, students can become involved in research by contacting faculty, who, with the support of private and public agencies, they contribute to our knowledge about the world in which we live and apply their findings and skills to solving many of the problems facing contemporary society. Many contributions evolve from basic research—others, from practical applications of new knowledge. USF encourages research as a vital part of the University’s instructional programs. Additional information about services and programs offered by the Office of Research is available at: http://www.research.usf.edu/.

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