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Standards and Student Judicial Procedures

Standards of Conduct

Just as the University maintains high standards of academic performance, the members of the University community support high standards of individual conduct and human relations. Responsibility for one’s own conduct and respect for the rights of others are essential conditions for the academic and personal freedom within the University community. Self-discipline and sensitivity to the rights and interests of others are the principal elements of the University Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct sets forth a foundation of values that represent a standard of expected behavior both inside and outside the classroom. The University reserves the right to deny admission or refuse enrollment to students whose actions are contrary to the purposes of the University or impair the welfare or freedom of other members of the University community.

Students have often asked for advice on standards of dress and personal appearance. The University does not have a formal dress code but campus attire is expected to be appropriate for the activity in which the individual is engaged.

Judicial Procedures

Student judicial procedures are followed when a student fails to exercise his/her responsibility in an acceptable manner or commits an offense as outlined in the student handbook (www.sa.usf.edu/sjs). The University disciplinary procedures afford students the opportunity to participate in discussions of the matter and to present information in one’s own behalf, to seek counsel in one’s own best interest, and the right of appeal. Students are entitled to participate in the development of standards of conduct supporting their interests in the purpose of the University. The University Judicial procedures are described in the student handbook.

For Non-Academic Grievances: In order to assure students the right to redress of grievances, the Office of Student Relations is responsible for a grievance procedure involving non-academic matters. Any student may file a question, complaint, or statement of grievance in the Office of Student Relations, in person or in writing. A course of action or other answer will be given by the Office of Student Relations, as soon as possible.

For Academic Grievances: Students should follow the academic grievance procedure.

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