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Undergraduate Admission to the College

Admission to the College of Business Administration is based upon availability of faculty and space within each discipline. The College is an upper-level, limited access college, which means that it has admission requirements in addition to those of the University in general. Students interested in pursuing a degree in the areas offered by the College of Business must complete the required prerequisites for entering the college in addition to other related criteria listed in 1-4 below.

Requirements for Entering the College of Business

  1. Before declaring a major in the College, students must satisfy the following criteria:

    1. Minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned.

    2. Minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average on all college-level work and a minimum 2.0 on all credit attempted at USF, including any prior to renewal.

    3. Completion of the following State Mandated Common Prerequisites (or equivalents) with a grade of C of higher:
      • ACG X021 Financial Accounting (or ACG X001 & ACG X011)
      • ACG X071 Managerial Accounting (Accounting majors are not required to take ACG 2071 and may enroll in ACG 3103 upon completion of ACG 2021 and admission to the College of Business Administration)
      • CGS X100 Computers in Business (or acceptable substitute)
      • ECO X013 Principles of Macroeconomics
      • ECO X023 Principles of Microeconomics
      • MAC X233 Elementary Calculus or MAC 2230
      • STA X023 Introductory Statistics or QMB X100

    4. In computing entry grade point average all business and economics courses taken for S or U grades will be converted to C or F, respectively.

  2. Students working toward meeting the limited access criteria will be permitted to enroll in all foundation courses in Business (listed below) except GEB 4890, provided they have completed 60 semester hours and have met course prerequisites.

  3. A minimum score of 550 on paper and pencil or 213 on computerized TOEFL is required, when applicable.

  4. Students must be admitted to the College of Business Administration at least one term before their anticipated graduation date.

Transfer Students

Transfer credits will be accepted from accredited institutions; however, all hours earned may not be applied toward USF business degree requirements. Individual courses will be evaluated by an academic advisor and appropriately credited toward requirements in the student’s program at USF.

Florida public junior/community college students enrolled in an Associate of Arts (AA) program should normally complete the general education requirements and the State Mandated Common Prerequisites at the junior/community college. As a rule, AA students should avoid taking any business courses at the junior/community college that are listed as 3000 and 4000 level courses at USF. Normally, courses in finance, marketing, management, and accounting, as well as other business administration and economics courses, taken at the lower division level that are offered as upper division courses at USF will not be accepted for upper division credit in business administration or economics. Exceptions to this policy will be made only upon proper validation of such courses. Validation consists of written examinations prepared and administered by the College of Business Administration or by successfully completing specified advanced courses in the discipline.

Florida public junior/community college students pursuing an Associate of Science (AS) program in Business Administration are fully admissible to USF. Please see a business advisor to determine the articulation courses, discuss admission to the College of Business and prepare a program plan for degree completion. Students transferring to the College of Business with an A.S. in Business Administration may earn a major in General Business Administration only.

Florida public junior/community college students pursuing an Associate of Science (AS) program in any other discipline should contact the Director of the BSAS program in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, SVC 2002, (813) 974-4051, for information regarding course transferability and degree articulation.


General Requirements for B.A./B.S. Degree in Business Administration

Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 semester hours. Of the minimum 120, at least 60 hours must be business courses, and a minimum of 54 hours must be non-business courses (i.e., all courses not normally offered in the College of Business Administration). Additional electives may be required to reach a minimum of 120 hours and can be either business or non-business.

As a part of the 120-hour requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree, the following criteria also apply:

GPA: A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 must be achieved in the major and/or minor field, as well as in all College work and in all USF work, for students to be certified for graduation.

CLAST and Gordon Rule: Students must have satisfactorily completed CLAST and the writing and computation course requirements of 6A-10.30 (“Gordon Rule”).

Foreign Language: For a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language (refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog). The College of Business does not approve American Sign Language for the Foreign Language Exit Requirement.

Residency: College of Business Administration residency requirements for graduation exceed the minimum requirements established for USF. Students are required to complete satisfactorily at USF a minimum of 50 percent (30-33 semester hours depending on major) of required business courses, including 12-18 semester hours in the major field. Normally, independent study and independent research courses do not fulfill this requirement.

International Course Requirement: All business students are required to select at least one course that deals with contemporary international topics. This course can be included in the business, non-business, or elective category. Consult with a business advisor for suggestions on acceptable courses.

No S/U courses in major or minor: All courses in the major or minor field and all foundation coursework in business must be taken on a graded basis; the S/U option is not available.

Degree Requirements

NON-BUSINESS (54 hrs. minimum)

  1. General Education Requirements*
    a. English Composition 6
    b. Quantitative Methods (Calculus is required) 6
    c. Natural Sciences 6
    d. Social Sciences 6
    e. Historical Perspectives 6
    f. Fine Arts 3
    g. African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, or Asian Perspectives   3
    Total 36

  2. Liberal Arts Exit Requirements*
    a. Major Works and Major Issues 6
    b. Literature and Writing   3
    Total 9

    *See Liberal Arts Requirements for more details

  3. Speech/Writing Requirements for Business Majors
    a. SPC 2600 Public Speaking 3
      COM 3110 Communication for Business and the Professions
    b. ENC 3213 Professional Writing   3
      ENC 3310 Expository Writing or equivalent
    Total 6

  4. Additional elective credits

    Students may or may not need to take additional hours to meet the minimum of 54 non-business credits (see “Electives” heading below for a suggested course)

    Total non-business credit hours 54

BUSINESS (60-69 hrs. minimum)

  1. Foundation Courses in Business
    Required - a minimum grade of C- in each foundation course with an overall 2.0 GPA
    ACG 2021 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
    ACG 2071 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
    ECO 2013 Economic Principles: Macroeconomics 3
    ECO 2023 Economic Principles: Microeconomics 3
    QMB 2100 Business & Economic Statistics I 3
    BUL 3320 Law and Business I 3
    FIN 3403 Principles of Finance 3
    ISM 3011 Information Systems in Organizations 3
    QMB 3200 Business & Economic Statistics II 3
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management 3
    MAR 3023 Basic Marketing 3
    GEB 4890 Strategic Mgmt/Decision Making   3
    Total 36

  2. Major Requirements
    (specific courses for each major are listed in the “Departments and Programs” section below.) 18-27

  3. Business Electives
    (sufficient electives to meet 60 credit hour minimum in Business) 0-6
    Minimum Business Credits 60-66


Sufficient elective courses to reach a minimum of 120 hours (ranges from 0-6 credit hours if above requirements are met)
Minimum total hours 120

USF Campuses and Teaching Sites

Due to limited enrollment and faculty, only the following majors are regularly offered at the regional campuses:

St. Petersburg: Accounting, Finance, General Business Administration, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing

Sarasota: Accounting and General Business Administration

Lakeland: General Business Administration

North Pinellas Teaching Site (at St. Petersburg College, Clearwater): offers the General Business Administration program.

Students may need to travel from one USF campus to another in order to finish their particular program within a shorter time period.

Student Advising and Records

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Programs (located in Ferguson Hall, BSN 1406) provides the following services for College of Business Administration students:

  1. Processing of student admission applications for the College of Business.
  2. Academic advising and program information.
  3. Orientation for undergraduate pre-business students.
  4. Evaluation of undergraduate transcripts of transfer students.
  5. Maintenance of academic advising records for all admitted students.
  6. Certification of graduation.

Advising Offices

Tampa Campus: Students who have fewer than 30 credit hours should contact the Center for Academic Advising, SVC 2011, (813) 974-2645. Potential majors with more than 30 credit hours should visit BSN 1406, (813) 974-4290 or schedule an advising appointment on-line: http://www.coba.usf.edu/services/ugrad/index.html.

St. Petersburg Campus: DAV 134, (727) 553-1511

Sarasota Campus: USS 805D, (941) 359-4331/4330

Lakeland Campus: LLC 2100, (863) 667-7063

Office Hours

Tampa Campus: 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday.
  8am-4pm on Fridays.
St. Pete Campus: 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday.
  8am-5pm on Fridays.
Sarasota Campus: 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday.
  8am-5pm on Fridays.
Lakeland Campus: 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday.
  8am-5pm on Fridays.

While the University provides advising services to assist students with academic planning, the responsibility for ensuring that all graduation requirements are met ultimately rests solely with the student.

Academic Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed twice from the University for academic reasons will not be readmitted to the College of Business Administration.

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