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College of Education

Please be advised that program and/or course requirements are subject to change, per state legislative mandates, Florida State Department of Education program approval standards, and accreditation criteria.

Preliminary Requirements for Students Entering Teacher Education Programs

Students who wish to teach in a particular subject area or field should begin preliminary coursework during their first year in college. However, students are not admitted to the College of Education (and into a teacher education program) until they finish the university’s liberal arts freshman and sophomore requirements and the state-mandated common prerequisites for education.

Students may apply for entrance into one of the upper-level teacher education programs offered by the College of Education after completing prerequisite courses. All students who plan to teach apply for admission to a teacher education program through the Student Academic Services Office of the College of Education.

Admission to an upper-level teacher education program is contingent upon meeting the following preliminary college requirements:

  1. Completion of a College of Education application form.

  2. Completion of the University’s General Education requirements (36 cr. hrs.). (See “Liberal Arts Requirements” section of the catalog.) Note: Students should contact an academic advisor to make certain they are enrolled in courses appropriate to their intended major.

  3. Completion of all portions of the CLAST with passing scores. No exemptions or waivers accepted.

  4. Although no longer required for admission to the College of Education, students are still encouraged to take the ACT or SAT. Many existing scholarships still require these scores.

  5. Completion of State Mandated Common Prerequisites Note: The following prerequisites are required for all education majors who enter as freshmen in Fall 2003, but students should consult their intended majors (listed under “Departments and Programs,” below) for a list of other specific course prerequisites and requirements beyond these listed below:

  6. Minimum GPA: An overall minimum GPA of 2.50 on all attempted hours.

  7. Additional criteria as may be established by each program. Credit requirements in each major include courses in the following categories: Professional Education Core (25-30 cr. hrs.), Teaching Specialization Preparation (27-49 cr. hrs.), and Liberal Arts Exit Requirements (6 credit hours). For questions concerning General Education and Liberal Arts Exit Requirements, refer to the Liberal Arts Requirements section of the catalog. See specific requirements for each major listed in “Departments and Programs” below.

Time Limitations

The College of Education may accept professional education and specialization coursework completed at this University or at other accredited institutions as follows:

  1. Courses completed within the last five years may be accepted.
  2. Courses completed over five years but less than ten years ago must have the approval of the chairperson from the department in which the equivalent course is taught.
  3. Courses completed ten years ago or longer will count as elective credit only.

Qualifications for Internship Experience

The final internship experience involves observing and teaching in an early childhood, elementary, secondary, or exceptional classroom. In most programs internship sites include the entire spectrum of sites available in the various counties served by USF. Other than Senior Seminar and EEX 4070, students may not enroll in additional courses during the semester in which the final internship occurs unless an exemption is granted through a College of Education petition.

Special requirements for enrollment in the final internship and seminar courses are:

  1. Admission to the College of Education.
  2. Completion of General Education, “Gordon Rule,” and all other program prerequisites (includes passing all sections of the CLAST and the General Knowledge Test).
  3. Completion of an application for the final internship by the deadlines noted. Applications for final internship are made through the Student Academic Services website (www.coedu.usf.edu/sas/). Please contact the office. Applications for Fall Semester are due the preceding January 15. Applications for Spring Semester are due the preceding June 15.
  4. Elementary, Early Childhood and Physical Education programs require completion of all professional education and specialization course work except for EEX 4070. Special Education programs require completion of all professional education and specialization coursework. Secondary and Vocational Education Programs require completion of the professional course sequence except for EEX 4070/EDF 4430 and a minimum of two thirds of the specialization coursework.
  5. Elementary, Early Childhood, and Physical Education programs require a combined grade point average of 2.5 in professional education and specialization coursework as well as an overall USF GPA of 2.5. Special Education programs require an overall USF GPA of 2.5. Secondary and Vocational Education programs require a minimum GPA of 2.5 in professional education and specialization coursework or an overall USF GPA of 2.5.
  6. Students must earn a “C-” grade or higher in their required major courses. S/U grades will not apply toward qualifying for internship.

College Requirements for Graduation

To be certified by the College of Education for graduation, a student must have earned a minimum of 120 semester hours credit and successful completion of all program requirements for ESOL endorsement. A minimum overall USF grade-point average of 2.5 or a minimum GPA of 2.5 in teaching specialization courses and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the Professional Education sequence is required. The Physical Education, Elementary and Early Childhood programs require a combined grade point average of 2.5 in professional education and specialization as well as an overall USF GPA of 2.5. Satisfactory completion of the internship is also required. In order to graduate the student must pass both the Subject Area (SAE) for the appropriate area and the Professional Education (PEd) sections of the Florida State Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) and pass the General Knowledge Test, prior to the completion of internship. A student must also have completed the major requirements in a state-approved teacher education program (which includes general preparation, teaching specialization, and professional preparation). A minimum of 8 credits in professional courses in addition to internship and 12 credits in specialization courses must have been earned at USF. The student must complete a minimum of 30 hours after admittance to an upper-level program and must meet all University requirements.

Normally, the college will recommend the granting of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree that includes a minimum of 6 credit hours of exit courses. To obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, the student must meet the Foreign Language Competency (see graduation requirements in front of catalog) and complete 9 hours of exit courses, 3 of which must be in Literature and Writing and 3 of which must be offered outside the College of Education.

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