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Student Support Services Program

Location/phone: SVC 2042, (813) 974-4301
Web address: http://www.sa.usf.edu/sss/

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded retention program designed to provide academic and personal support to students admitted via profile assessment, individuals who qualify as either having disabilities or as low income, “first generation” college students (“first generation” means that the students’ parents did not earn a four year degree). The program serves a diverse student population and provides an opportunity for students who may not meet all admission criteria but whose high school records and test scores indicate the potential to succeed in college. SSS has a positive impact on student success. Its participants are retained and graduate at a rate similar to students regularly admitted to the University.

Students who participate receive personal, academic, career, financial, and tutorial assistance. Special instruction is provided in the areas of English composition, reading, and study skills.

SSS provides a summer program to ease the transition from high school to college, establish a strong academic foundation during the summer semester, and expose students to university resources and facilities. Students receive a comprehensive summer orientation, individualized academic advising, course credit toward graduation and college survival skills.

Program participants have an opportunity to join the SSS Club, which serves as a common unit for students to exchange academic information, plan cultural activities, meet former SSS participants, and conduct fund-raising activities.

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