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ART (B.F.A.)

Requirements for the B.F.A. Degree in Studio Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Concentration includes a series of courses in design, history and theory of art and graphic design, as well as the technical approaches to creative visualization. Courses cover typography, layout, digital media, graphics, video technology, print and digital reproduction processes and professional practices. The goal of creative and professional development focuses upon challenging students with projects that demand creative content, structure, management of complexity, and exploration into visual solutions involving information, design limitations, and budget restrictions.

The graphic design curriculum will expose students to graphic design foundation, principles, and techniques most often used in successful visual communication for both print and digital media.

The B.F.A. Studio Art Degree with a concentration in graphic design is a limited access, upper-level program. Each fall a cohort will follow a sequential course schedule. Specific equipment requirements for this program are delineated on the university’s website at www.usf.edu/gd.

Admission into the B.F.A. program is contingent upon the student having a 3.25 major GPA, which must be maintained for the degree to be awarded. Student competency will be evaluated individually and based upon criteria such as GPA, writing skill, and a portfolio of work indicative of: (1) concept, execution and presentation of studio artwork, (2) conceptual understanding of art and design standards, (3) application of art and design concepts, (4) examples of drawing methods and materials, and (5) historical knowledge of art and design as evidenced by previous assignments in visual problem solving.

Transfer credit from other institutions is accepted on the basis of portfolio and transcript evaluation. The School of Art and Art History accepts transfer credit from all Florida programs that are part of the “common course prerequisites”.

The following courses are necessary for completing a B. F. A. degree in Studio Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design:

I. Art Foundation (Requires a “C” or better in all courses taken to progress to courses numbered 3000 and up)

  1. Art Foundations
    ARH 2050 History of Visual Arts I* (3)
    ARH 2051 History of Visual Arts II* (3)
    ART 2201C Fabrications I** (3)
    ART 2203C Fabrications II** (3)
    ART 2300C Beginning Drawing (3)
    ART 3301C Intermediate Drawing (3)
    Total 18 hours

    *History of Visual Arts I and II must be used to satisfy the General Education Historical Perspectives requirement if the student is to remain within 120 hours for the degree.

    **Fabrications I or II must be used to satisfy the General Education Fine Arts requirement if the student is to remain within 120 hours for the degree.

  2. Additions to the Art Foundation requirements:
    2000 level studio elective (3)
    2000 level courses the areas of Computer Language and/or Media (3)
    MMC 3602 Mass Com and Society (program requirement) (3)
    Total 9 hours

    Graphic Design Program Requirements

  3. Fall Semester
    ART 2280C Typography (3)
    VIC 3001 Intro to Visual Communications (3)
    GRA 3545 Graphic Design I (3)
    GRA 3549 Multimedia Systems I (3)
    ARH 4430 19th Century Art (4)
    Total 16 hours

  4. Spring Semester
    GRA 3548 Computer Graphics (3)
    PGY 3801C Digital Media I (3)
    ART 4925 Media Workshop: Design Production (3)
    ARH 4724 History of Graphic Design (4)
    Support Course (3)
    Total 16 hours

  5. Fall Semester
    PGY 4420C Digital Media II (3)
    ART 4929C Visual Designs for the Internet (3)
    ART 4243C Graphic Design: Senior Studio (3)
    ARH 4450 20th Century Art (4)
    Support Course (3)
    Total 16 hours

  6. Spring Semester
    ART 4955C Senior Project: Portfolio (3)
    ART 4974 Professional Practicum (3)
    ART 4940 Internship (2)
    ARH Art History Course (Exit) (4)
    Total 12 hours

Total 87 Art hours

Total Semester Hours for the B.F.A. degree in Art Studio with a Concentration in Graphic Design:
General Education* (24)
Exit Requirements** (3)
Art Requirements (87)
Special Requirement (6)
Total 120 hours

*Please note that 9 hours of General Education requirements are satisfied by the Art School curriculum and that the actual total hours in General Education remains 36 as state-mandated.

**Please note that 6 hours of Exit requirements must be completed in the Art School or in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and satisfy either B.F.A. program requirements or a portion of the special requirement. This ensures that the required total of 9 exit hours is satisfied within the 120 hours.

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