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Special Programs

Honors Program

Superior students in all majors may avail themselves of Honors opportunities at USF St. Petersburg. University Honors Four Year Track is designed for first-time-in-college students. University Honors Two Year Track is designed for transfer or upper-level students. These exciting experiences are grounded in the liberal arts tradition and intended for students regardless of major. The primary goals of University Honors are the development of critical thinking skills, an appreciation of the liberal arts tradition and the development of creative, independent thought. Students in the Honors Program are required to complete a senior honors thesis.

Potential University Honors students are actively recruited, but any interested student who feels that he/she is qualified may request admission. Students typically have 3.50 college GPAs and 1200 SAT or 27 ACT scores. Many scholarships are available for Honors students.

Students who satisfactorily complete Honors and graduate with at least an overall GPA of 3.3 and a USF GPA of 3.3 shall be identified as Honors Graduates at Commencement as well as on their diplomas and transcripts.

The program involves our best and brightest students in challenging seminar courses with a strong orientation toward interdisciplinary perspectives on major issues and works.

They work closely with faculty members in planning, researching and writing honors theses. The Honors Program gives students the opportunity to achieve scholastic distinction, perfect their critical thinking skills and their oral and written expression.

Learning Community

Specially designed for the freshman year, the Learning Community (LC) Program provides a structure and environment for building both college and community relationships while developing skills for college success. Each Fall term, up to 50 students are admitted to the LC. For the Fall and Spring terms, these students share General Education classes linked by topic or theme, the Academic Foundations class, and a Service Learning class. They also enroll in other courses appropriate for their majors.

The LC helps students achieve their individual academic goals through study groups and shared learning experiences. During this important first year in college, LC students enrolled in common courses also create friendships that are supportive and lasting.

Admission to the program is on a space-available basis and requires the submission of a Participation Agreement. For more information regarding admission, interested students should call (727) 553-4727 or (727) 553-1013, and visit our website at www.stpt.usf.edu/coas/learning/index.htm

Opportunities for Accelerated Progress Toward Undergraduate Degrees

USF St. Petersburg provides several options by which students may accelerate their progress toward completing the baccalaureate degree. These options recognize knowledge that has been acquired prior to or during attendance at USF St. Petersburg and provide the opportunity to earn University credit. Options that may be used include the following:

  1. Recognition of satisfactory performance on tests offered through the College Level Examination Program (see CLEP).
  2. Recognition of satisfactory performance on tests offered through Advanced Placement Programs of the College Entrance Examination Board (see Advanced Placement Credit Programs).
  3. Recognition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Students who earn the IB Diploma will be awarded 30 semester hours of college credit and sophomore standing. Credit for higher level exams with a score of 5 or higher may be awarded to those students who do not earn the IB diploma.
  4. Educational Outreach courses by television.

Credits may be earned through a combination of the above options. Students should contact their college advisors for further information concerning the application of this credit toward their degree requirements.

Internal processes (such as auditions, portfolio reviews, and placement tests) utilized in the various departments for the sole purpose of determining a studentís most appropriate area, level, or section placement in a program of study are not to be construed as examining mechanisms for the granting of credit.

Dual Enrollment

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg is piloting a Dual Enrollment Program with St. Petersburg High School starting in the fall of 2004. Dual enrollment classes are open to academically qualified St. Petersburg High School students who are recommended by their guidance counselor or principal. During dual enrollment, students may only take courses that are creditable toward their high school diploma.

St. Petersburg High School students wishing to be accepted as Dual Enrollment students at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg must:

  1. be at least 16 years old at the start of the term;
  2. have completed their sophomore year;
  3. achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale;
  4. satisfy any course prerequisites;
  5. present acceptable SAT or (E)ACT scores;
  6. present acceptable TOEFL scores, when applicable
  7. obtain a written letter of permission from the School Principal or his/her representative.

Additional information about Dual Enrollment can be obtained by contacting the University Recruiter Office at 553-1002.

USF St. Petersburg/Florida Public Community College Cross Enrollment

Some undergraduates may find it advantageous to cross enroll at a Florida public community college while attending USF St. Petersburg. To prevent problems with financial and other registration issues, see a USF St. Petersburg academic advisor for detailed instructions and course approval. Procedures to permit this type of registration are available during specified times printed in the University Schedule of Classes. Credit hours for the course(s) taken at the host institution will apply toward graduation only if prior approval was received from the studentís USF St. Petersburg advisor. The grade point average will not transfer to USF St. Petersburg.

USFSP Transient Students

USF St. Petersburg degree-seeking students who wish to enroll at another regionally accredited institution MUST HAVE PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL from their college academic advisor to receive credit for courses taken. The transient student/cross enrollment form should be used for this purpose.

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