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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Page 26

Student Government

Location/phone: CTR 203, (813) 974-2401
Web address: http://www.sg.usf.edu

Any registered student may become a member of Student Government (SG). Student-wide elections occur in April each year. Student Government is made up of three branches: the Executive (President, Vice President, Cabinet officers and agencies), Legislative (Student Senate) and Judiciary (Student Supreme Court). Student Government represents all student interests in programs, plans, policies, and procedures of the University and secures student representation to University governance. SG oversees the Activity and Service Fee Fund, which supports the Marshall Center, Campus Recreation, the student newspaper The Oracle, Campus Activities Board, University Lecture Series, SG Branches and Agencies, College Councils, and over 100 student organizations. SGs agencies include SAFE Team, Computer Services, SoberRide, Student Information Services, Internet Administration Services, and the Homecoming Steering committee. Student Government will assist students with any type of grievance by acting as a liaison between students and University administration.

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