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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 24 - 25

SUS Immunization Policy

As a prerequisite to matriculation or registration, the State University System of Florida requires all students born after 1956 to present documented proof of immunity to RUBEOLA (measles) and RUBELLA (German measles). The documented date of immunization for both measles and rubella should indicate the day, month, and year. However, only month and year will suffice if the month and year indicate that the immunization was given at least 13 months after the month of birth. Exceptions to this policy may be granted in the event of valid medical contraindications, or for religious reasons.

Consistent with Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services guidelines, acceptable proof of immunity for Rubeola (measles) and Rubella (German Measles) are as follows:

  1. RUBEOLA (MEASLES): Students can be considered immune to measles only if they have documentation of at least one of the following:
    1. Documentation of immunization with two (2) doses of live measles virus vaccine on or after the first birthday. Note: Persons vaccinated with killed or an unknown vaccine prior to 1968 must be revaccinated. Persons born before 1957 may be considered to have had a natural infection and, therefore, do not need measles vaccine.
    2. Laboratory serologic [IgG] evidence of measles immunity.
    3. A written, dated statement signed by a physician on his or her stationery, that specifies the date seen, and states that the person has had an illness characterized by a generalized rash lasting three (3) or more days, a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, a cough, and conjunctivitis, and, in the physician’s opinion, is diagnosed to have had the 10 day measles.
  2. RUBELLA (GERMAN MEASLES): Students are considered immune to Rubella only if they have documentation of immunization with live rubella virus vaccine on or after the first birthday or Laboratory (serologic) [IgG] evidence of rubella immunity.

If the student has no documentation of any doses of measles vaccine, vaccine should be given at the time of entry and the second dose no less than twenty-eight (28) days later. It is recommended that both doses of measles vaccine be given as a combined measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Vaccinations and blood titers are available at Student Health Services.


Temporary Medical exemptions must be submitted by the attending physician and must include reason for exemption and duration of exemption.

Records will be kept in electronic (computer) form. Hard Copy proof submitted by students will not be available for return.

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