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USF 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog - Page 29

USF I.D. Card

The USFCard is the official I.D. card of the University of South Florida. It provides electronic verification and validation for a variety of University services and functions. University policies require that all student, faculty and staff members carry the USFCard while on campus. Students may be denied services if they do not have one. The USFCard may also be used to make purchases from on-campus copiers, snack and vending machines equipped with card readers. Value can be added to the vend stripe at Cash-to-card machines located around campus and at most coin/card copiers in the Library. If a student has an account with the USF Federal Credit Union, the USFCard can be used as an ATM card. The USFCard can also serve as an ECCI calling card. For additional information: http://www.auxsvc.usf.edu/

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