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USF 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 33-34

General Attendance

Only officially registered students or students approved to audit a class are entitled to attend class. Students are responsible for being aware of all instructor-based and University issued attendance policies and the requirements of the registrar for enrollment, drop/add and fee liability. Students are responsible for completing the academic requirements of each class as defined by the instructor and as set forth in any class syllabus. An instructor may make attendance mandatory and may impose penalties, including failing a class, for excessive absences. It is university policy that student absences will be excused for military duty, jury duty, and religious days (as set forth in University policy 10-045). Excused absences for other documented reasons may be allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Though excused, the student is responsible for completing all academic work, examinations, assignments and labs in a timely fashion.

Jury Duty

The University respects the need for all citizens to serve on a jury when called to duty. If a student serves as a juror, class absences will be considered excused when the student provides advance notice to the instructor, the instructor acknowledges the request, and the student provides written verification of jury selection and proof of service. It is important to note that excused absence only applies to physical presence, and not to the academic work missed. A student, though excused, is responsible for all academic work, examinations, assignments and labs if applicable. These issues are unique to University students and clearly may present undue hardship for a student to serve while enrolled in an active course of study.

Any potential student juror may notify the court of conflicts or undue hardship and request an excuse from service. The individual student must make the decision as to whether jury service will present an undue hardship and then take the affirmative action to request to be excused from service and may need to provide a written explanation to the court. If a student does not request to be excused and is selected to serve, the student may miss a prolonged period of time resulting in the inability to complete the academic requirements of classes.

Religious Days

The university has an official Attendance Policy for the Observance of Religious Days (University policy 10-045) which provides that all students, faculty, and staff at the University have a right to expect that the University will reasonably accommodate their religious observances, practices and beliefs.

Students are expected to attend classes and take examinations as determined by the University. The University will, at the beginning of each academic term, provide written notice of the class schedule and formal examination periods. The university, through its faculty, will make every attempt to schedule required classes and examinations in view of customarily observed religious holidays of those religious groups or communities comprising the University's constituency. No student shall be compelled to attend class or sit for an examination at a day or time prohibited by his or her religious belief.

Students are expected to notify their instructors at the beginning of each academic term or as provided in the course syllabus if they intend to be absent for a class or announced examination, in accordance with this policy. Students absent for religious reasons will be given reasonable opportunities to make up any work missed in the event that a student is absent for religious reasons on a day when the instructor collects work for purposes of grading (homework, pop quiz, etc), the student shall be given a reasonable opportunity to make up such work or shall not have that work averaged into the student's grade at the discretion of the instructor. Any student who believes that he or she has been treated unfairly with regard to the above may seek review of a complaint through established University Academic Grievance Procedures (found in the Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs) and those provided by the University's Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

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