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Non-Degree Seeking Student

Non-degree seeking student enrollment is on a space-available basis and has been established for those individuals who, while not desirous of earning a degree, would like to enroll in all levels of university courses. Teachers needing to take courses for certification purposes, high school students (with the permission of their respective guidance counselor), individuals desirous of taking courses for self enrichment, and senior citizens are examples of those eligible to utilize this enrollment method. Senior citizens only are absolved from paying the $30 application processing fee. Former USF undergraduate degree-seeking students may only enroll as non-degree seeking students if they have completed their previous degree program or earned an equivalent degree at another institution. Should the latter be the case, an official transcript (reflecting the degree) from that institution must be sent to the USF Office of the Registrar (Attention: Registration and Records Area) prior to registration.

Applicants denied admission to USF as degree-seeking undergraduates may not enroll as non-degree seeking students. Performance in courses taken in this category will not qualify an applicant for admission as a degree-seeking student.

A non-degree-seeking student who has been dismissed from USF is not eligible for admission to USF as a degree-seeking student at the undergraduate level. If extenuating circumstances contributed to the academic dismissal and the student meets other admissions requirements, a request for waiver of this rule may be submitted to the Faculty Committee on Student Admissions. This rule does not apply to a student who has earned a degree from a regionally accredited institution subsequent to academic dismissal.

Individuals enrolling as non-degree seeking students who plan to make formal application to the University may not apply more than 14 semester hours toward an undergraduate degree.

Non-degree-seeking students are subject to the same academic policies as undergraduate degree-seeking students and must adhere to deadline dates published in the University Schedule of Classes. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive University honors or participate in the USF/Florida Public Community College cross-registration program. Non-degree-seeking students also are not eligible to live in University housing or receive financial aid. Non-degree seeking students are subject to the academic probation and dismissal policy listed in this catalog. Non-degree seeking students who are academically dismissed from the University may appeal to the Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) through the ARC representative for Academic Support and Achievement/Center for Academic Advising to return. Potential non-degree seeking students should also refer to the section of the catalog of the college(s) offering the course(s) of interest to them to determine whether any special college requirements exist which must be met prior to enrolling.

NOTE: Prior to registering for classes, all students born after 1956 are required to present documentation of proof of immunity to MEASLES (Rubeola) and RUBELLA (German Measles). It is further required that all students must present proof of immunity to Hepatitis B and Meningitis or decline immunization by signature. Students living in USF Housing must be vaccinated against meningitis (no declination is permitted). (See Immunization Policy.)

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