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USF 1997-98 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 52 - 53

Associate of Arts Certification Requirements

Upon the studentís successful completion of the minimum requirements for the Associate of Arts Certificate, the University will present the student who has properly made application with an appropriate certificate.

  1. To receive the Associate of Arts, the student must complete 60 semester hours of university credit; at least twenty of the last thirty semester hours must be completed in residence at the USF; the minimum grade point average must be 2.0 based on work attempted at the USF; in addition, a transfer student must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher when combined with transfer work accepted and evaluated by the USF Office of Admissions; and the General Education Requirements of USF must be satisfied. Physical Education and military science credits do not count within the 60 semester hours toward the Associate of Arts. In addition the student must present a score (passing score after August, 1994) on the College-Level Academic Skills Test and fulfill the writing and computation course requirements of 6A-10.030 prior to receiving the Associate of Arts Certificate.
  2. Application Procedure for the Associate of Arts Certificate. The Application for an Associate of Arts Certificate can be obtained from the Center for Academic Advising prior to the application deadline. The deadline to apply for a degree in each semester is stated in the Academic Calendar in the catalog.
  3. The Associate of Arts certificate must be awarded prior to the term that the student becomes eligible for the baccalaureate degree.
  4. Final processing for the Associate of Arts will be done after grades are processed at the end of the semester for which the student applied. All work, including transfer work, taken in that semester will be evaluated with respect to the requirements for the Associate of Arts Certificate.
  5. Any incomplete grades shown on the permanent record of an Associate of Arts applicant at the time grades are processed will be treated as an F in the calculation of grade point average.
  6. The General Education Requirements will be based on the approved University policy in effect in the catalog year the student chooses according to the University policy regarding the choice of catalog. The consideration of whether or not General Education Requirements are met will be made without consideration of the studentís choice of major at the time he/she applies.
  7. Residence credit will be broadly defined to include USF sponsored student exchange programs and the University of Florida Correspondence Division. Where the grades from these institutions, except those earned through the University of Florida Correspondence Division, are recorded on the permanent record at USF, and included in the grade point average calculation, they will also be counted in the studentís grade point average as work attempted at USF for the Associate of Arts Certificate.
  8. An applicant who has not been enrolled at USF for three semesters may be contacted to ascertain whether or not that applicant meets the residency requirements.
  9. In approving any application for the Associate of Arts Certificate, satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades will be accepted according to the approved University policy in effect during the terms of the studentís enrollment without regard for the studentís declared major. Students must be aware that if they have taken any courses on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis where such grades are not acceptable by the college of the major, the students may be required to repeat particular courses for a traditional letter grade or take additional courses for a traditional letter grade to meet the college requirements.
  10. All USF colleges with undergraduate programs will accept the Associate of Arts from USF. That is, the student will be placed at least, at the junior level and will be considered to have met the Universityís General Education Requirements. The applicability of the courses taken by the student toward his/her major program will be determined by the college of the studentís major. Similarly, any special requirements for a studentís professional certification (e.g., Education and Engineering) are not necessarily met by the Associate of Arts certificate, but could be included as part of the General Education Requirements. Thus, students should check with their colleges concerning meeting any special requirements in an efficient manner.
  11. The awarding of the Associate of Arts is posted on the permanent record but does not alter the calculation of the grade point average nor does it interrupt the accumulation of the studentís record.
  12. Students who follow a baccalaureate degree program as recommended by a college will not necessarily be eligible for the Associate of Arts certificate prior to the completion of 90 semester hours.

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