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USF 1997-98 Undergraduate Catalog - Pages 35 - 36


After a student has completed his/her registration on the date assigned, he/she may add courses until the add deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. See the appropriate semester's University Schedule of Classes for detailed instructions and dates.


A student may drop a course(s) during the regular registration and drop/add periods (first five days of classes). No entry of the course(s) will appear on any permanent academic records and full refund of fees is due for course(s) dropped within those periods.

Effective Fall, 1986 a student may also drop a course(s) between the second and ninth week of the semester (except for Summer Sessions see Schedule of Classes for dates), with the following limitations: From 0-59 cumulative semester hours (classification "1" and "2") the student is limited to three drops; from 60 cumulative semester hours (classification "3" and "4") to end of the undergraduate degree a student is limited to three drops. Students classified as "5" are limited to three drops. Non-degree seeking students (special students) are treated as lower-level undergraduate students and are limited to only three drops while they are classified as either non-degree or degree-seeking lower-level students. | Regardless of student classification, courses at the 5000 level or above are not counted as part of this drop limitation policy. | Additional drops above these numbers will result in an automatic "F" ("U") grade. Registration fees must be paid for all course(s) after the first week, and the academic record will reflect a "W" grade for the dropped course(s) that are within the limitations of this policy. Courses dropped after the nine week deadline (see Academic Calendar for date) will result in an automatic "F" grade. Students may not continue to attend classes once they are dropped.

Appeals for additional drops will be made to the Academic Regulations Committee representative in the appropriate college or Undergraduate Studies. Further appeal is to the Academic Regulations Committee.

Total withdrawals from the University are not counted as part of the drop limitation policy.

Auditing Privilege

A student who wishes to sit in on a class to review the course material may do so; however, the student is not allowed to take exams nor will any grades or credit be given. The student's status for that class is an audit and his/her presence in the classroom is as a listener. A student must register to audit courses during the late registration period. (No audit registrations are processed during the regular registration periods.) Fees for audit are the same as for full enrollment for credit except out-of-state tuition is not charged. See University Schedule of Classes for detailed instructions and dates.

Cancellation Before First Class Day

Students may cancel their registration by notifying the Office of the Registrar in writing prior to the first day of classes. If fees have already been paid, the student may request a full refund of fees from the Office of Finance and Accounting.


A student may withdraw from the University without academic penalty during the first nine weeks of any term (except for Summer Sessions). He/she must submit a completed Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar. No entry is made on the academic record for withdrawals submitted during the first week of the term. All subsequent withdrawals (through the ninth week of classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters) are posted to the academic record with "W" grades assigned to the courses. Withdrawal deadlines for the Summer sessions are listed in the Academic Calendar and are published in the Schedule of Classes for the Summer Term. Students who withdraw may not continue to attend classes.

Students who withdraw during the drop/add period as stated in the Academic Calendar may receive a full refund of fees. All refunds must be requested in writing from the Office of Finance and Accounting. No refund is allowed after this period except for specified reasons. See "Refund of Fees" under Financial Information for complete details.

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