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Freshman Summer Institute (FSI)

The University of South Florida provides a world of opportunity for a select number of students who possess the desire to succeed. For some students, this desire may not be completely reflected in their high school record. The University recognizes the potential for success in these students and helps make their academic goals a reality through our Freshman Summer Institute. The program provides access to a university education for promising students from first generation and/or limited income families and identifies qualified individuals through a review of admission applications, academic records, and family income as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

To be considered for the Freshman Summer Institute, individuals are encouraged to apply for admission to the University of South Florida as early as possible. Each year a limited number of students enter USF through this program.

Program Description [TOP]
All admitted students enroll in a six-week residential summer session. During this time, students become acquainted with University services and resources before the fall term, ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college life. Throughout the six weeks, students are required to live in the residence halls where they experience an environment supportive of their academic work. Each student receives a class schedule based on standardized test scores, high school transcript, and intended major. Some students may be required to take preparatory courses to satisfy state requirements. Students typically register for nine credits in general education courses over a six-week period. Students attend weekly workshops on a variety of topics relevant to academic success, acclimation to college life, and their growth and development as first-year students. Students must complete each course attempted with a C or greater and end the summer term in good academic standing (a term GPA of 2.0) in order to continue in the fall semester.

Summer 2013 Admission Criteria [TOP]
Students admitted to USF through FSI must demonstrate significant financial need as determined by the 2012-2013 FAFSA. Students whose parent or guardian has completed a baccalaureate degree may be eligible as long as they can demonstrate significant financial need.

Students admitted to USF through FSI must demonstrate ability and/or potential to succeed through the combination of their high school (HSGPA) and SAT or EACT scores. FSI admission may be offered to students with a high school GPA equal to or greater than 3.0, a SAT total equal to or greater than 1450 (combined scores on SAT Critical Reading, SAT Math and SAT Writing). On the ACT, an applicant needs a composite score equal to or greater than 21. The scores listed above are minimum scores needed to be considered for participation in FSI. Actual scores of those selected for the program may be higher than the stated minimums.

Additionally, students admitted to USF through FSI must demonstrate financial need as determined by the 2012-2013 FAFSA and/or qualify as a first-generation college student--neither parent or guardian has completed a baccalaureate degree.

How to Apply
Freshmen applicants interested in attending the Freshman Summer Institute should complete/submit the following information to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for consideration:

Counseling Advising [TOP]
FSI tackles the challenges of freshman year with an active concern for students' personal and academic welfare, enhancing their academic enrichment and better orienting them to the university environment. Counselors, a crucial element of the program, personally advise, counsel, and monitor students' progress throughout the first year. Personalized attention, combined with a holistic approach for student growth, distinguishes the Freshman Summer Institute as a unique student resource.

Students are assigned individual counselors who provide "intrusive, developmental advising," an FSI philosophy which involves an active concern for the personal and academic welfare of our students. Students are required to meet with their counselor on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting their progress.

Housing Summer Session B [TOP]
All FSI students accepting placement into the summer program are required to live in the residence halls during Summer Session B. On-campus housing is a vital part of the FSI experience, providing many with their only opportunity to live within diverse populations and confront different schedules, study habits, music, religions, and political views. Residential life has become an integral part of student education at USF. As such, all FSI students must live in the residence halls on campus during summer session B.

Course Offerings Summer Session B [TOP]
The FSI staff works collaboratively with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Academic Advising to enroll students in their summer and fall courses. FSI registers students for their summer classes before their arrival on campus.

Each student receives a class schedule based on their standardized test scores, high school transcript, and intended major. Students receive their summer class schedule during their FSI orientation session and their fall schedule during their USF orientation session.

General education courses are selected from the available classes offered Summer Session B. Courses taken in prior years include AMH 2020 American History II, AMS 2030 American Studies, Hum 1010 The Arts, PHI 1103 Critical Thinking, SLS 2401 Career Development, SPC 2600-Public Speaking, WST 2600-Human Sexual Behavior, GEO 1930-Geography of Current Events, REA 1105-Advanced Reading, SYG 2000 Sociology and AFA 2000 Introduction to the Black Experience.

Cost of Attendance [TOP]
USF commits to meeting all of your summer financial need with grant aid. Students with an expected family contribution have the option of borrowing that contribution in a federal student loan. FSI participants will also have the potential of receiving full work-study awards worth up to $4,500 for fall 2013 and spring 2014, thus reducing the need for student loans. In addition to the FAFSA you completed for summer, you will need to apply for 2013-2014 as soon as possible after January 1, 2013.

Our Freshman Summer Institute (FSI) Staff
Interim Director: Jody Conway, PhD
Office Manager: Dana Moser
Advisor/Counselor: Dyonne Bergeron
Advisor/Counselor: Michael Callender
Advisor/Counselor: Yara Castillo
Graduate Assistant: Melaine Harris
Graduate Assistant: Keith Martin

Location: Student Services Building, second floor, SVC 2011

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