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Joint Military Science Leadership Center

Update 09/07/06: Letter of Instruction: JMSLC Spring Symposium 13 October, 2006

The Joint Military Science Leadership Center at the University of South Florida (USF) represents a unique, national leadership development model that supplements and strengthens the intellectual and pedagogical expertise of a major, public research university and a strong Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) tradition with the unique features of a Leadership Lecture Series and a Leadership Scholar-in-Residence Program.


Consistent with the mission of USF, a premier, metropolitan-based, research university, The Joint Military Science Leadership Center focuses on the nature and meaning of effective leadership in a changing environment through high quality classroom delivery, structured research, and community-based experiences.

The Joint Military Science Leadership Center is an innovative program that is designed to enhance the quality of reserve officer training programs for the Army, Navy, and Air Force through improved efficiency in the delivery of leadership skills and training. In this way USF, though its ROTC program, plays a significant role in the education and development of student leaders who, in turn, experience and understand the unique challenges associated with leadership in a joint strategic military environment as they train to become skilled Officers in the Nation's Armed Services.


The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has witnessed significant expansion at the University of South Florida since the establishment of Air Force (1981), Army (1967) and Naval (2002) units. The ROTC Program is academically housed in Undergraduate Studies along with the University's well-regarded interdisciplinary program in Leadership Studies.


The Joint Military Science Leadership Center is a multi-dimensional curriculum model that provides participants with direct access to:

  1. A Leadership Lecture Series delivered by distinguished national and international speakers drawn from academe, the proximally strategic joint commands of SOCOM and CENTCOM, and the broader public and private sectors including business, military, political, and religious leaders.

  2. A Leadership Scholar-in-Residence Program that offers one-on-one mentoring, unique tutorial and group learning environments

  3. An opportunity to enroll in certificate and diploma programs (at both the undergraduate and graduate levels) that build upon the existing strengths of University curricula delivered by the joint services and various academic departments/colleges across four campuses of USF. The existing innovative curriculum includes modules in leadership theory for change; leadership and decision-making in complex organizations; ethics, power, and moral reasoning; public relations, communication and leadership, as well as leadership and behavioral science.

  4. Participation in the University of South Florida's proven Business, Community, and Education Leadership internship programs together with the Legislative internship program.


Luis R. Visot, Executive Director
Joint Military Science Leadership Center
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ALC 100
Tampa, FL 33620

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